On April 25 completed the first Open Kazakhstan Championship “ALTYN GUL-2013″, organized by the “Astana-Expo KS” Exhibition Company and Florists Association of Kazakhstan. Championship was held in the framework of the country’s largest specialized international exhibition “AstanaFloraExpo-2013″.  Theme of all tasks of Championship – “Spring – time to love” (wedding floristry).

Official sponsor of the Championship – “3D Flowers KZ” (Kazakhstan), sponsors – “Smithers-Oazis” (Germany) and “Karlsbach” (Russia).


The Championship was judged under the guidance of Chairman – Sergey Karpunin, judge of the International Organization of Florists FLORINT (Moscow, Russia).

Judges of the Championship:

  • Ferents Kruzliks – Member of the Board of the European Florists Organization FLORINT (Hungary);
  • Elena Zakharova – Chairman of the technical committee, master florist, a judge of the International Florist Organization FLORINT (Perm, Russia);
  • Ruud Hazelaar – master florist, winner of the Dutch Championship on floristics, 2008 (Netherlands).

Contest program consisted of 4 tasks:

  • Task №1: Object or composition for wedding ceremony decoration;
  • Task №2: Surprise task;
  • Task №3: Surprise task;
  • Task №4: Wedding bouquet or decoration, replacing the bouquet.

Winner of the Cup – Marina Shipovskaya (“Nicole”, Astana).  Marina won all four tasks of the competition.

Second Place – Julia Korolevskaya (flower studio “Santini”, Temirtau).

Third place – Maria Samoenko (“Fashion bouquet”, Kyshtym, Russia).

Organizers and sponsors of the event presented the winners with special prizes – a tourist trip to Junior European Championship in Croatia (for Champion), tablet computers IPAD and IPHONEs from “AstanaFloraExpo”, professional books from DESIGNERBOOKS, professional tools from OASIS, special prizes from KARLSBACH.