“AstanaFloraExpo” is a unique specialized industrial exhibition in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the entire Central Asia combining specialists of flower industry and floristry, landscape architecture and design, specialists in the field of garden and park construction, general improvement and landscaping.

Along with national companies, the largest manufacturing companies from 15 countries of the world annually demonstrate new samples of their products at the exhibition. Visitors of exhibition and participants in its varied business program traditionally are more than 2000 representatives of regional and local government authorities, managers and specialists of large construction companies and enterprises in the field of housing and utilities, general improvement and landscaping.

Intense interest to the exhibition and landscaping products on the part of the state and business is conditioned by active implementation of new regional and municipal urban landscaping programs in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including creation of additional park areas, lawns and flower gardens.

The special attention is currently paid to the capital’s landscaping system that is connected with International Exhibition EXPO-2017. The comprehensive program of general improvement and landscaping of the city: construction of the botanic garden and park along the Yessil river and 13 thematic public gardens, reconstruction of central city park and water-green boulevard “Nurzhol” is implemented at the governmental level within the framework of preparation to this historical event in Astana city.

Participation in the exhibition “AstanaFloraExpo” – is a real opportunity to promote your products and services to the perspective market of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Main sections of the exhibition

Flowers and floriculture

  • Cut and potted flowers.
  • Decorative greenery, plants for interior and outdoor landscaping.
  • Seeds and bulbs.
  • Growth technologies, equipment and materials.
  • Conditioning agents for plants.
  • Sub-soil, soil, fertilizers.
  • Protective means for plants.
  • Containers, baskets, pots, planters.
  • Equipment and packing for flowers shipment and sale.
  • Service and trade.

Landscaping architecture and design. Park and garden construction

  • Landscape projection and design.
  • Plantation and development of city areas and individual land plots.
  • Arrangement of flower gardens and green lawns.
  • Technics, equipment and materials for park and garden construction and landscaping, landscaped areas exploitation.
  • Artificial ponds and fountains, benches and arbors.
  • Park and garden sculpture.
  • Fencing and illumination of parks, gardens and squares.
  • Paving slab, road surface.
  • Children and sports grounds.
  • Park and garden technics.

Floristry and floral arrangement accessories

  • Floristry tools and equipment.
  • Floristry and design accessories, packing material.
  • Trade and special equipment for garden centers, flower saloons and shops.
  • Ceramic, glass and plastic manufactures.
  • Specialized books and publications.
  • Wedding floristic and decoration design studios.
  • Artificial flowers and plants

Nursery-gardening. Horticultural crops

  • Tree and bush plantlets.
  • Planting material of flower crops, foliage plants, fruit and berry, bulbous and bulbotuberiferous crops for plantation of city territories and country objects.
  • Seeds and seedlings of vegetables.
  • Technologies and materials for nursery-gardening.
  • Soil, compost, fertilizer for plants.

Greenhouses and greenhouse technologies

  • Projection and building of greenhouses.
  • Engineering systems and equipment, machines and devices, consumable materials.
  • Technologies of crop growing, plants protection system.