Within the framework of the VI International exhibition of flowers, landscape architecture and design “AstanaFloraExpo-2015» was held third Open Championship of Kazakhstan on professional floristry “Altyn Gul-2015″ on the general theme “ArtWedding”. Organizers: “Astana-Expo KS” Exhibition Company,  Florists Association of Kazakhstan. Sponsors – «Smithers-Oazis», «Dekker Chrysanten», «Deliflor Chrysanten». Partners: “Royal Catering”, Salon of wedding dresses “Raziya”, makeup school and studio by Darya Starkova, College of Management and Business of Astana (specialty –hairdressing art and decorative cosmetics).




Championships were judged under the chairmanship of Sergey Karpunin. For ten years, Sergey take the lead in the jury of the Russian Championship on Professional Floristry, was a judge for more than 50 Russian competitions and national championships of Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Kazakhstan, the European Championship «EuropeCup 2007» in Slovenia and European Junior Championships «EUROFLEURS 2013″ in Croatia. He is the winner of the first prize “Golden Leaf” of Belgian publishing StichtingKunstboek in the international project InternationalFloralArt 2010-2011 and Silver Medal International Flower Garden Show and Flower Design Award 2014 (Huis Ten Bosch, Japan).

The competition program consisted of 3 tasks:

  1. Newly married couple table decoration «Wedding table for two persons»;
  2. Gift bouquet of flowers «Art Wedding»;
  3. Authors wedding bouquet for bride (bouquet or adornment which replaces bouquet) plus accessory (head decoration, flowers jewelry or any other accessory).


  • Hazelaar Ruud, well-known Dutch florist, winner of many European competitions on floristry, winner of the Dutch Cup on floristry in 2008.
  • Daniil Borisov (Moscow). Two-time champion of the Russian Championship on Professional Floristry «Russian Cup’2007» and «Russian Cup’2008». He participated as a judge in the Russian Championship on Professional Floristry «Russian Cup’2014», and was also judge of the regional championships on Floristry in Yaroslavl and Perm.
  • Danchenko Natalia – Chairman of the Technical Commission, the general director of the Studio of modern floristry “Green Light” (Astana).

As part of the artistic jury were: Chief Editor of «IDEAS» magazine (Kazakhstan) – Inessa Gofman, chief editor of “Vybirai” magazine (Kazakhstan) – Tatiana Golubtsova.

Championship results

  • Special prize in the task №1: «Wedding table for two persons» «For best presentation of ​​the OASIS products » – won Anastasiya Zhilyakova, Almaty.
  • Special Jury Prize “for innovation” in the task №3 «Authors wedding bouquet for bride» – won Oksana Hon, internet-shop ALAfleur, Almaty.
  • Special prize of the jury for the “artistic creativity” in task №3 «Authors wedding bouquet for bride» again won Anastasiya Zhilyakova, Almaty.
  • Winner in the №1 task «Wedding table for two persons» – Anastasiya Zhilyakova, Almaty.
  • Winner in the task №2 «Gift bouquet of flowers «Art Wedding» – Juliya Darenskaya company “Oasis Astana”.
  • Winner in the task №3 « Authors wedding bouquet for bride» – Oksana Hon, internet-shop ALAfleur, Almaty.

1st place

Anastasiya Zhilyakova


2nd place

Juliya Darenskaya

company “Oasis Astana”

3rd place

Elmira Ushurova



Anastasiya Zhilyakova

Juliya Darenskaya

Evgeny Istogov

Oksana Hon

Elmira Ushurova

Elena Olkhovskaya

All participants received certificates for participation on the Championship. Participants of the Championship received prizes from the sponsors of the Championship – the company «Smithers-Oazis», «Dekker Chrysanten», the magazine “Flowers”, as well as the organizers of the championship – Exhibition Company “Astana-Expo KS”.

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