On April 13-14, the Second Research and Practice Conference devoted to greening and landscaping was held in Korme exhibition Center within the frameworks of VII International Exhibition AstanaFloraExpo-2016 with the participation of the Association of Planting Materials Manufacturers of Russia and the Association of Forestry and Wood Processing Organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Zhasyl Orman”. This year, the conference topic was “Current trends in gardening and nurseries operation”. The urgency of this topic among Kazakhstani specialists was confirmed by the fact that delegates from the outermost regions of the republic and neighboring countries came to take part in the conference. The conference gathered for discussion more than 100 representatives of green industry of Kazakhstan and Russia: heads and specialists of nurseries and garden centers, municipal landscaping organizations and housing and utility services enterprises, national nature parks and forestries, representatives of design and construction organizations, landscaping companies and educational institutions. The conference began with a welcoming speech of the President of “Zhasyl Orman” Association Kydyrbayev Duman Nurlanovich. He said about the Association activities and how the Association could promote solution of many topical issues in the greening sector. Such problems as relations between private nurseries and government agencies, problems of tenders and qualified personnel training were also discussed. The Acting Chairman of the Forestry Committee under the RK Ministry of Agriculture, Ustemirov Kairat Zhangabylovich, joined the dialog concerning strong links between businessmen and government institutions. A series of issues regarding legal security of local manufacturers, specialists education, engaging of young people to the problems of greening sector, and many other important issues were solved at the first session of the Conference meeting.

From the first minutes, the Conference turned into a unique platform for real-word and  beneficial communication. Besides state support issues, the Conference program included 4 blocks of reports, each of them represented a separate problem to be discussed.

Thus, the first block “Nursery operation in Kazakhstan and Russia: innovations and import phase-out” presented to the listeners all possibilities of Kazakhstan and Russia cooperation in this business sector. Through the example of Russian experience, Kazakhstani scientists and businessmen obtained an opportunity to consider the prospects of domestic nursery market development. The Chairman of the Board of Association of Planting Materials Manufacturers, Sedov Andrey Yevgenyevich, presented a report “Russian nurseries: opportunities and prospects” and introduced to the specialists possible ways of development and solution of current problems in this sphere.

A report of the Director General of “Sady Rossii” (“Gardens of Russia”) company Stepanov Vladimir Vassilyevich on the topic “The role of local agricultural commodity producers in the import phase-out by the example of “Sady Rossii” NGO” was of particular interest and usefulness for national nurseries.

On the threshold of Expo-2017, the Сonference raised such topical issues as  “Plants growing technologies”, “Current trends in landscaping” and “Plants protection”. A French landscape architect Olivier Damée suggested new approaches and innovative methods for solution of the most urgent ecological problems of a modern city.

Specialists paid particular attention to the reports of Kazakhstani specialists: Kebekbayev Amanzhol Yerzhanovich,  Chief Agriculturist of Astana-Zelenstroy JSC on the topic “Astana landscaping experience with the use of invasive plants”, Sarsekova Dani Nurgisayevna (Head of the Forest Resources and Forestry Department of the Agriculture University, Corresponding Member of the RMA) on the topic “Perspective directions and organization methods of silvicultural and greening activity in Kazakhstan”, as well as Imanbayeva Akzhunis Altayevna,  Director General of  RSE “Mangyshlak Experimental Botanical Garden” of the Science Committee of the RK Ministry of  Education and Science on the topic “Promising range of woody plants for landscaping in Mangistau conditions”.

As well, specialists have evaluated on its merits an interesting report of Sedova Yelena Ivanovna, a lecturer of Moscow Architectural Institute, Head of the Landscape Gardening Department of  the nursery “Sadko” Gardening Company LLC on the topic “Roof gardens – unrealized reality”. The report of Seraya Lidiya Georgiyevna (Scientific Assistant of Plant Protection Department of the Moscow Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences, Head of Gartenburgh Plant Protection Centre) on the topic “Green planting keeping norms. ecologization of plants protection in urbanized and private areas” was of high relevance and  demand.

The Conference became a unique platform for experience exchange between specialists in the greening sphere in Central Asia.

The first such conference devoted to the issues of landscaping and nursery operation was held within the frameworks of AstanaFloraExpo Exhibition in April 2015. It aroused much interest from Kazakhstani green sector specialists and played an important role in work activation in this crucial sector of Kazakhstan economy.