From 23rd through 25th of April the 5th International Exhibition of Flowers, Landscape Architecture and Design «AstanaFloraExpo-2014» was held successfully at the exhibition center “Korme” in Astana. The event was organized by exhibition company «Astana-Expo KS» (Kazakhstan) and exhibition company «GreenExpo» (Russia).

Official support of the exhibition was provided by the Forestry and Hunting Committee of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Akimat of Astana city. The official sponsor of the exhibition – «3D Flowers KZ».


This year’s event was attended by over 70 local and world-renowned manufacturers from Belgium, Germany, Holland, Kenya, Colombia, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, France, Switzerland and Ecuador. There are nurseries, the largest supplier of cut flowers, garden centers, firms specializing in landscaping and planting areas, manufacturers of ceramics pottery, suppliers of seeds, fertilizers, soils, wholesale floral companies, studios of floristic design and decoration and others            among them.

At the exhibition the project of the State Botanical Garden in Astana was displayed for the first time; designers of the project are LLP PSK «PPK» and LLP «Keremet Invest» (Kazakhstan, Astana).

Among the major exhibitors such domestic companies as «Astana-Zelenstroy», «Zhasulan-Flora», «3D Flowers KZ», «Nicole», «Astana Begonia», «Kaz- Flor Astana», «Green Land», «Invent Plus», «Magnolia Distard», «Nasha Rassada», garden center «Evroflora», «Ecocultura» and others can be identified.

Russian exposition was presented by the companies- «Gardenzon», «Mostsvettorg», «Pelgorskoe -M», «Florecel», etc.

Among the foreign companies we would like to highlight «Meilland» (France) , nursery «Lappen», nursery «Bruns», «Terracult», «Herkuplast», «Kordes» (Germany); «Invos Flowers», «Edelweiss Handels» (Colombia); «Qualisa», «Qito Inor Flowers» (Ecuador); nursery «Arbor» (Belgium); «Rekyva», «AIRIS LT» (Lithuania); «Sunland» ( Kenya); «Gardensa» ( Turkey) and many others.


According to the results of the received data the exhibition was visited by heads of major Kazakhstani companies working in the field of flower-growing and planting, landscape design, as well as experts from Azerbaijan, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Ecuador, countries of Central Asia and the border regions of Russia.

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive business program. Thus, planting experts got an opportunity to visit the most interesting presentations, listen to lectures on current topics, take part in workshops. The program included presentations of a number of foreign companies and nurseries, such as nursery «Lappen Pflanzenhandel» (Germany), company «Terracult GmbH» (Germany), company «HerkuPlast» (Germany) and company «Reimann» ( Germany). Also «Compass» and «Pelgorskoe –M» (Russia) held their presentations. This year a broad business program for professionals was provided by the management of housing and utilities of Astana Akimat with the project of the State Botanical Garden in Astana city, and representatives of the domestic company «Izumrudny Gorod» («Emerald City») read informative reports on features of landscape design in Astana.

Firstly as part of the exhibition with support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kazakhstan a presentation was held by Dutch companies in the field of flower-growing; «Dekker Chrysanten B.V.», «Koppert Biological Systems», «OZ Export» and «Ron Le Poole B.V.» addressed at its program. This presentation was followed by a master class on arrangement of bouquets and compositions of flowers by Dutch florist Jan Kea having broad experience in floral design and arrangement of floral compositions.

Unchanged interest was towards traditional shows organized by «Dekker Chrysanten BV» (The Netherlands) and a joint master class of known florists Sergey Karpunin (Russia) and Nina Minkinen (Finland) on «Frame and Wedding Bouquets and Accessories».

During the exhibition Kazakhstani florists met with foreign colleagues; the experts talked not only shop, but development of floristry in general.

This year the most interesting and colorful show took place – The Second Open Championship of Kazakhstan on Professional Floristry «Altyn Gul» («Golden Flower»). A general theme for the competition was designated as «ArtSpring – your Point of View».

An organizer of the Championship – Exhibition Company «Astana- Expo KS» together with Kazakhstani Association of Florists, with the official sponsorship of companies «3D Flowers KZ» (Kazakhstan), «Smithers-Oazis» (Germany) and «LILLEBALL» ( Estonia). Among the jury, chaired by a judge of the International Organization of Florists FLORINT Sergey Karpunin, skills of participants were evaluated by Nina Minkinen, Champion of Finland in 2001 and 2010, President of the Finnish Association of Florists; Natalia Mikhaleva (Estonia) – Director of the International Competition of Florists «TALLINNA LILLEBALL»; Zoya Norbutayte (Russia) – participant and winner of numerous competitions.

Among the five contestants on 4 competitive tasks, it the second year in a row won by a florist – Shipovskaya Marina (Astana, flower company «Nicole»). All contestants received certificates for their participation in the Championship and prizes from sponsors, and the winner was awarded by the Grand Prix – a trip to the five-day seminar of Gregor Lersch in Moscow.

This year some special importance was given to the exhibition by a partnership project – 1st  Kazakhstani International Exhibition of cottage construction and infrastructure development «Village- 2014» , where modern ideas for suburban low-rise construction (cottages and mansion-houses) were presented. Holding these two exhibitions simultaneously gave a synergistic effect and opened up new horizons for the exhibition to unite professionals on its platform not only of the flower industry and floristry, but also experts of landscaping, landscape architecture and design.

During the three days the exhibitions were attended by over seven thousand people, most of whom were specialists and professionals of the areas.