The IV International exhibition of flowers, landscape architecture and design “AstanaFloraExpo-2013″ was held from April 24 to April 26 in Astana city. The organizers are Kazakhstan exhibition company “Astana Expo KS” and Russian exhibition company “GreenExpo”, the sponsor of the exhibition is “3D Flowers KZ” LLP, and the official support to the exhibition was provided by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Committee for Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Akimat of Astana city.

The official greetings to the participants and guests of the exhibition were addressed by Mr. Imangali Tasmagambetov, Akim of Astana city, Mr.Vladislav Galiyev, the Chairman of the Committee for Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Ministry of Regional Development of the RoK, Mr.Igor Koval, acting the Chairman of the Committee of Forest and Hunting Sector of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RoK and Mr.Peter Van Leuven, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kazakhstan. Mr.Salauat Dembay, the Director of the Department of architecture, town planning and construction of the Ministry of Regional Development of the RoK, Mr.Hendrikus Pyutker, the Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands took a part in the grand ceremony of “AstanaFloraExpo-2013” opening. As well as Mrs. Nadezhda Grigoryeva, the Director General of “GreenExpo”, Mr. Yerik Usinov, the Director General of “3D Flowers KZ”, Mrs. Zhumagul Omarova, the Director General of “Zhasulan Flora” LLP and Mrs. Kulbagira Kaliyeva, the Director of “Astana-Expo KS”.


“AstanaFloraExpo-2013” gathered 30 Kazakhstan and more than 40 foreign companies representing “green business” of Germany, Holland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Russia, Turkey, France and Ecuador under the roof of the capital exhibition center “Korme”. Among them the largest suppliers of cut flowers and the garden centers, the firms specializing in improvement and gardening of territories, and the nurseries, the companies which are engaged in landscaping and architecture, floristry studios and decorative design… For the first time this year within the frames of the exhibition was organized the specialized exposition “Village”, where the modern ideas for country low-height housing construction (cottages and country-houses) were presented. Inclusion of this topic into “AstanaFloraExpo”, which has become recently very actual in Astana city, and had serious development long before in the world, opened the new horizons for the exhibition and opened the exhibition for new participants.

As stated by the exhibitor Mrs. Kulbagira Kaliyeva, “AstanaFloraExpo” was created, first of all, as the business platform for communication of the professionals of the “green business” – starting with the florists and the representatives of flower salons, concluding with the suppliers of the specialized equipment and the representatives of the local executive bodies. The exhibition is built so that the participants could manage their time and work with the maximum profit for themselves. Thus the exhibition had multiplicative effect: the experts acquired new communications, new contacts which were able to end up as the fruitful collaboration.


- The experts for whom the “AstanaFloraExpo” exhibition is held – landscape architects and designers, gardeners, florists, flower growers perform a great and important work for our cities. On behalf of the Ministry of Regional Development I would like to wish all of you successful contacts, long-term contracts. I hope that the Kazakhstani companies will be able to learn something new for themselves, to adopt ideas and technologies which can be applied then everywhere, and the foreign participants, in their turn, will be able to draw out something interesting and useful from our experience, noted Mr.S.Dembay, having emphasized the key target of the exhibition again – promotion of the development of the “green business” in Kazakhstan.

It is naturally that with such approach to the organization, “AstanaFloraExpo” every time offers their participant the active business program. So, the experts in the gardening, taken part in the exhibition this year had the opportunity to visit a number of the most interesting presentations, lectures and seminars of the leading world companies. The program included the presentations of a number of the foreign nurseries and companies, and each speaker addressed from the nurseries “Lorberg” (Germany), “Lappen Pflanzenhandel” (Germany), “Meilland International” (France), “Terracult GmbH” (Germany) and the group of companies “Russkiy Ogorod NC” (Russia). Thus each presentation turned into the informative thematic lecture: “World gardens – the virtual excursion in space and time”, “The qualitative peat and soil for professional gardening”, “Advantage of cover-ground roses for landscape gardening: frost resistance to -40°C”, “The partner program of the garden retail establishment is a call or progressive strategy?”. Moreover, the seminar on the subject “Turnkey landscape gardens: the project development, realization, orchard management” was organized and carried out by Mrs. Svetlana Chizhova (Moscow, Russia), the art director of the company “Landscape Art”, Cand. Sc. (Biology); the member of International Association “Society of Designers”, the author of landscaping books.

One of the brightest parts of the program was the floristic show demonstration. This year within the frames “AstanaFloraExpo” exhibition they were organized by the “Deliflor Chrysanten BV” (Holland), “3D Flowers KZ” (Kazakhstan), “Enigma Flowers Ltd” (Holland) and “Smithers-Oasis” (Germany). They were carried out by the members of the National guild of florists of Russia Mr.Sergey Karpunin and Mrs.Elena Zakharova, and as well as marked Dutch florist Mr.Rud Hazelaar. The latter, by the way, carried out the most interesting master class for florists participating in the exhibition: the master practically didn’t descend from specially equipped scene during the whole day, made graceful flower compositions and bouquets before everyone’s eyes, shared his experience with the colleagues, unlocked some masterhood secrets, showed the original technique.

The meeting of the Kazakhstani florists with the foreign colleagues already mentioned Mr.Sergey Karpunin and Mrs.Elena Zakharova, Mr.Ferenc Kruzslicz, the member of the Board of Directors of the European Organization of Florists FLORINT (Hungary) and Mr.Ruben Saakyan, the Chairman of the National Association of Florists of Uzbekistan turned out interesting as well. During this meeting the experts discussed not only shoppy matters, but also as a whole the development of the floristry and the “green business”. It should be noted that the opinion that the Kazakhstani flower market is highly perspective and over the last years it actively “grows”, was sounded several times.

However the flowers are not only perspective and dynamically developing sphere of the business. It is esthetics, beauty as well. Therefore it is not surprising that besides the representatives of the business community “AstanaFloraExpo” every year draws huge attention of the residents and the guests of the capital. Hundreds and hundreds visitors became the exhibition guests in three days of its carrying out. They acquired the flowers, learned something new, eventually, just were admired and surprised.

This year for the first time the exhibitors arranged exclusively interesting and beautiful show, which becomes now the constant component of the program and even some kind of an “icon” of “AstanaFloraExpo”, for the visitors. The case is the First Open professional floristry championship of Kazakhstan “Altyn Gul” (“A gold flower”). The general subject for competition was romantically designated as “Spring is the high time to love” and suggested flower masters to compete in the art of the wedding floristry.

The exhibition company “Astana Expo KS” organized the competition together with the Association of florists of Kazakhstan, with the official sponsor’s support of the companies “3D Flowers KZ” (Kazakhstan), “Smithers-Oazis” (Germany) and “Karlsbach” (Russia). And the panel of judges of the “premier” championship would do an honor for any similar experienced event. Under the chairmanship of the judge of the International Organization of Florists FLORINT Mr.Sergey Karpunin (Moscow, Russia) the mastery of competitors was estimated by Mr.Ferenc Kruzslicz, the member of the Council of the European Organization of Florists FLORINT (Hungary), Mrs.Elena Zakharova, the Chairman of the Technical Commission, the master florist and the judge of the International Organization of Florists FLORINT (Perm, Russia) and Mr.Ruud Hazelaar, the master florist, the winner of the Floristry Championship of Holland, 2008 (Holland).

Five Kazakhstani florists – Mrs.Oxana Sherebirova (“Siberia” LLP, Almaty), Mrs.Zhanna Bersembayeva (“Royal Park” studio, Astana), Mrs.Yuliya Korolevskaya (flower studio “Santini”, Temirtau), Mrs.Anaida Chernikova (flowers salon “Blues Design”, Pavlodar), Mrs.Marina Shipovskaya (the flower company “Nicole”, Astana) and one Russian – Mrs.Maria Samoyenko (salon of flowers and gifts “Fashionable Bouquet”, Kyshtym) participated in the first championship. At the first stage the experts were offered to create a flower composition for the wedding ceremony (an arch, an arbor, a panel and so on). The following were the tasks-“surprises” where the florists should have shown such professional qualities as the ability quickly to give out an original creative idea and to realize it. Creating a wedding bouquet became the final stage. The masters used all their skills and experience in each creation, the audience with the great interest observed how the flowers find new life in florists’ hands, and become the real works of art.

As the result the judges estimated the florists’ efforts in the following way:  the third place was awarded to the only guest from Russia Mrs. Maria Samoyenko, the second to the expert from Temirtau Mrs. Yuliya Korolevskaya, and the florist from Astana Mrs.Marina Shipovskaya became the champion. All the participants gained for participation in the Championship and prizes from the sponsors, and the winner got the Grand Prix – a trip to the European Professional Floristry Championship among juniors “Eurofleurs 2013″ which will take place in Split city, Croatia.

… As a whole, talking about the next, the fourth “AstanaFloraExpo” exhibition, it is possible to tell with a confidence, what the exhibition managed to prove as the unique business platform for professionals of the “green business” in Kazakhstan and the bright event in the annual event-calendar of the capital even for such small its history.