April 25-27 2012 in the exhibition center “Korme” took 3rd International Exhibition of Flowers and Landscape Design “AstanaFlorExpo-2012”. Organizers: Exhibition Company «Astana-Expo KS» and Exhibition Company “GreenExpo” (Moscow) with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Agency for Construction and Housing of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the City of Astana. Sponsor – LLP «3D Flowers».

The opening ceremony was attended by the head of Akim of Astana Esil district Sabila Mustafina, Executive Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Agency for Construction and Housing Salauat DEMBAY, chairman of the Forestry Department of Agriculture Erlan NYSANBAEV, Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Peter Van Leeuwen, General Director of JSC “Astana-Zelenstroy” Zharkyn Zhumagulov, Head of International Projects “GreenExpo” Elena Zarubin, Attache of Embassy of Germany in Economics Jan-Dieter Gosink, Director of the Exhibition Company «Astana-Expo KS» Kulbagira Kalieva.

The exhibition was attended by more than 70 companies from Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Kenya, Netherlands, Russia, Ecuador, Georgia. Among them were well-known foreign manufacturers «Meilland» (France), German nursery: «Lorberg», «Lappen», «BRUNS-PFLANZEN – EXPORT GmbH & Co.KG», a German company «Terracult», «Grato Greenhouse» (Georgia), the Dutch company «Noviflora Holland BV», «Enigma Flowers», «Haakman Flowers BV», «Royal Flowers» (Ecuador), «Gardaexport SA» (Ecuador), «Invos Flowers» (Columbia), «Magana Flowers» (Kenya), etc.

This has considerably expanded the Russian exposition, which provided: Group of companies “7 Flowers” (Russia), “Chekhov’s Garden,” “Vivaflor”, “Imperial Nursery,” Group “Gavrish” Group Companies “Hit of the season,” Agri “Search”, LLC “Agro-pack”, OOO “IIC Rainbow”, JSC “Artistic crafts”, LLC “Tsvetogor”, etc.

During the exhibition, with the support of the National Guild of Florists Russia was  held a festival of floristry “GҮL Alemi.”


The theme of festival this year is “Flowers and Music.” The event was attended by six teams. In the expert committee were representatives of the National Guild of Florists: NGF Board member, Judge of the European Organization of Florists (FLORINT) Sergey Karpunin and a member of the NGF, a judge of the European Organization of Florists (FLORINT), winner of the “Moscow Spring 2005″ Elena Zakharova. The competition program consisted of 3 tasks: Design Table for a musical evening, Surprise work, Bouquet for a musician. As a result of all tasks were the winners Flower Company «Nicole» (LLC «Flora Alma-Ata”) (Astana), second place – the team of “Lady Fleur-Astana” and third place – at the Salon “Flora – design “(Temirtau). All participants received diplomas from the National Guild of Florists in Russia. Individual prizes were provided by the German company «Smithers-Oasis». Sergey Karpunin presented certificates to the placement of articles on the professional florists online magazine www.flowercast.ru to Flower Company «Nicole» (Astana), the Salon “Flora – Design” (Temirtau).

Business program “AstanaFlorExpo-2012” was also a rich and interesting. Constant interest used traditional master-classes by famous Russian florists Elena Zakharova and Sergey Karpunin. Also, Russian Florists held a demonstration of novelties seasonal assortment of German company «Smithers Oasis». Intensive program for professionals, landscapers introduced the world’s leading companies: German nurseries «Lorberg», «Lappen Pflanzenhandel», «BRUNS-PFLANZEN – EXPORT GmbH & Co.KG», company «Terracult GmbH» (Germany), «Meilland» (France) , a group of companies “Gavrish” (Russia). There was a presentation of the company «Noviflora Holland BV» – a specialist in the export of indoor and garden plants and gardening and interior design.

The exhibition was a working meeting of representatives of the National Guild of Florists in Russia florists, flower shops leaders of Kazakhstan. The question of the need for a professional organization that will promote florist in Kazakhstan. Following the meeting, it was decided to organize the Initiative Group for the creation of the professional organization of florists in Kazakhstan. The initiative group includes: Flower Company “Nicole” (LLC “Flora-Almaty”) (Astana), House of Flowers “Milana” (Astana), Salon “Flora Design” (Temirtau), studio design company design «Royal Park», IE Bondarenko (Pavlodar) Ltd, “Lady Fleur-Astana», «FlorArt.kz» (Astana), Exhibition Company «Astana-Expo KS.”

For three days the exhibition was attended by over 6000 people.