On April 28-30, the first international exhibition of flowers and landscape design “AstanaFlorExpo 2010″ was held by Exhibition Company “Astana-Expo KS” in cooperation with the Directorate of Russia’s largest International Exhibition “Flowers” (All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC)) at the capital’s exhibition complex “Korme”.

More than fifty companies from Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Holland, Italy, Colombia and Ecuador presented their fragrant green products.

Domestic companies were represented by metropolitan JSC “Astana Zelenstroy”, “KazFlor-Astana” greenhouse complexes “Kunarly”, “Mercur Green”, Garden Centre “Nicole”, “Center for lawn grass”,
“Oasis Astana”, “Seven Flowers Kazakhstan” and many others.


The grand opening on April 28 was attended by the executive secretary of the Agency for Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr.  Salauat Dembai, Director General of JSC “Astana – Zelenstroy” Mr. Zharkyn ZHUMAGULOV, president of the Association of greenhouses of Kazakhstan Mr. Kanat Koshmanov, director of the public association “Gulzar” Ms. Batima KABDOLDANOVA. Also, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. France POTAYT, president of the Association of forest nurseries of Italy Mr. Maurizio Lapponi and manager of the International Exhibition “Flowers” of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre Ms. Elena ZARUBINA.

“Beauty not only saves the world, but it is the engine of progress and a sign of prosperity”, the executive secretary of the Agency for Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Salauat Dembai states confidently. According to him the present exhibition “is another sign, it is a historic moment in the life of the Kazakh capital, it is another striking touch that helps Astana to truly flourish”.

Purposes of the event were announced as a demonstration of world achievements in flower cultivation, landscaping, landscape architecture and planting of greenery, to provide a platform for the efficient exchange between producers and consumers of these products and services, to promote goods of participants to the new, capacious and promising market, to encourage flower business in Kazakhstan.


According to the opinions of some exhibitors, all objectives were achieved to the full extent. For example, manager of the International Exhibition “Flowers” of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre Elena ZARUBINA is sure – the debut of the Kazakh flower exhibition can be called brilliant.

“For those who do not have any experience of holding such exhibitions, the organization was put up at the highest level, – she said on the fringes. – Despite the fact that the first exhibition, as always, is very difficult to organize, despite the fact that this time there were not so many participants, this exhibition has a great future. I am sure that the next year will bring more participants. Not least because this time many foreign guests arrived without stands, so to speak, to investigate. Next time they will bring more flowers”.

Manager of the Colombian company «Natuflora» from Russia who has presented a meter and a half tall roses at the exhibition, Tatiana EVSEEVA confirms: “We will definitely come next year, we will construct a bigger stand than we did this year and will try to surprise again the residents of Astana. The exhibition has showed that this market has a great potential”.

Let us recall that the exhibition brought together enterprises, organizations, services, companies, firms, academic institutions, associations, working in the area of production and sale of flowers and ornamental plants, gardening, landscaping, flower business, as well as those engaged in production and selling of the related materials and equipment for ornamental gardening, flower cultivation, landscape design and floristics.

Participants presented at the exhibition all kinds and sorts of fresh cut flowers, pot plants, garden flowers, ornamental and fruit production nursery, seeds, bulbs, flower plants, machinery, equipment and materials for flower cultivation and ornamental gardening, tools for professionals and amateurs, items made of ceramics , plastic, metal, natural material for indoor flower cultivation and garden design, accessories for sale and for arranging flowers, dried flowers, artificial flowers and plants, as well as equipment for commercial pavilions and halls, garden furniture, lamps, pools, gazebos, pergolas, materials and equipment for landscape design, soils, composts, fertilizers, plant protection products, books, CDs on flower cultivation, garden design and floristry, greenhouse complexes and much more.

The highlight of the first exhibition «AstanaFlorExpo-2010″ was a professional show of the representatives of the National Guild of Florists “Making a scene of cultural events”, which turned an exhibition opening into a great colorful performance. All participants could see how flowers and other materials, colors and shapes may be combined with each other in completely unexpected compositions.

A little later, the Russian florists conducted several workshops for their Kazakh colleagues. The first workshop was held on April 28th; it was organized for entry-level florists and was called “Bouquets. Compositions. Calathidiums”. The next-day workshop was called “The assembly and suspension structures” and was aimed at the experienced florists.

Workshops enjoyed great popularity – long before the opening of the exhibition the slots for those who wish to learn something new have been fully booked.

During exhibition, alongside with the workshops the seminar on “Biological protection of plants by using “Syngent bioline” was held;  also the largest Italian forest nursery «Lorberg» was presented, as well as that there was a master class on “New types of pot plants and balcony plants. Planting dates. Practical tips” held by “Wolfshmidt” company. In addition, the General Director of “Compass” company Mr.  P. Shishkin gave consultations on the cultivation of flower seedlings on capillary mats. Also there were some practical lessons, trainings, four public awareness and information activities organized by the Public Movement “Gulstan.”

The exhibition got coverage in the following newspapers “Evening Astana”, “Express K”, “Kazakhstan today”, in the news line of “Kazinform” agency, on Kazakh radio programs, on TV channels “Astana”, “Kazakhstan”, “Channel 7″, “31 channel “,” TDK-42. “

Over three days the exhibition was visited by more than five thousand (5000) people.